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Hauntingly Beautiful

Jul 24, 2018

No that is not a giant bird in the sky taking video of you silly, that's just Mr. Jason O'Neill and his trusty drone! Jason is the master of taking negative situations and turning them into something positive! Some of the topics covered in this episode include:

-making the transition from car sales to videography

-Jason's new company Condor Creative

-remembering his daughter Alyssa with #AJO

-putting things into perspective 

-being a jock in high school, but still wearing jnco jeans

Suit up like Michael Keaton in Birdman for Episode 10 of Hauntingly Beautiful!

Keep up with Jason's work, #AJO, or just to see what's up via any of the following!





Instagram: @condorcreative

Twitter: @FromtheEmbers


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Intro music by Sonny Lombardozzi

Outro music by Tom Morrison