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Hauntingly Beautiful

Feb 16, 2018

There is a two for one special on episode two of Hauntingly Beautiful! On the show today is my good friend, and kickass filmmaker, Howie Glover along with new friend Charles "C.Brown" Brown who is a killer rapper, writer, and all around awesome dude! In this episode we talk about getting into the film scene, taking a step back from it, then rekindling the flame for filmmaking, the golden age of skateboarding, how Howie ended up moving from Brooklyn to Erie, how I was totally clueless about the Hip Hop scene in Erie, Charles' making the transition from poetry/beat making to rapping, how music videos are in fact legit short films, exing out the negativity in your life, making the best out of where you live, and most importantly how does a guy ask another guy to play a woman in a music video! Also big shout out to Howie for getting his first podcast down, I know this was tough but you killed it brother!


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Also check out Howie's Youtube page for sick music videos including ones with C.Brown!


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Intro Song by Sonny Lombardozzi

Outro Song by Tom Morrison