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Hauntingly Beautiful

Mar 2, 2018

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Episode 3 of Hauntingly Beautiful!! Today's episode features jack of all trades, and master of none as he puts it, Mr. Jess Scutella. Often confused with the ever so delicious treat Nutella Jess is an author, musician, cos player, and tattoo artist! Some of the topics we discuss include the awkward bathroom encounters at conventions, how Jess' fixation on a fellow classmate lead him to writing, playing drums for multiple bands, getting to tour Japan with a recently revived band, the beauty/impact of music in film, how Steven Spielberg doesn't consider Close Encounters of the Third Kind to be a Sci Fi film, the devastation that fans face when their heroes have to cancel at conventions, and how Freddy Kruger himself paid Jess for his work! Another fun filled and insightful episode of HB that must not be missed!

Keep up with Jess, book him for a tattoo, or pick up his recently released book of poetry " The Heat of High Noon" via



Facebook: jess.scutella

Twitter: @MrScutella

Instagram: @mrscutella

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Check out the video for "Early Grave" from Architects to see where I got the inspiration for my film "Blink of An Eye" as discussed in the episode!

Intro by Sonny Lombardozzi

Outro by Tom Morrison