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Hauntingly Beautiful

Feb 9, 2018

Welcome to Hauntingly Beautiful: The In Between Episode 1! Quiet literally The In Between episodes will be in between the main Hauntingly Beautiful episodes with a little bit of a twist! These episodes are considerably shorter and will only be with your's truly on the mic! In this episode I talk about the band Beartooth and how lead singer Caleb Shomo's lyrics inspired quiet a bit with this podcast, if you're a fan of the band I'm sure you'll see the reference already! I also talk about how giving something new a try, such as a band cough cough, can be life changing! Enjoy and crank some Beartooth up!

Let's hear how you guys are digging the podcast so far or if you have any suggestions for future guests at any of the following!

Facebook: HauntinglyBeautifulPodcast

Instagram: hauntinglybeautifulpodcast


And for your listening pleasure here is some Beartooth to jam!

"In Between"

"Go Be the Voice"

"Sick of Me"