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Hauntingly Beautiful

Nov 23, 2018

Put on your lederhosen and grab your favorite craft beer before you sit back and relax with Episode 16 of Hauntingly Beautiful! If you couldn’t think of enough to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, get ready to be thankful for all of the beer brewing knowledge you are about to receive from home brewmaster, Mr. Reid Grapes! This week we navigate his humble beginnings as a Yinzer with a great appreciation for I.C. Light, through his first brewing experience, to—well, talking about his latest masterpieces on a podcast!

Have some brewing questions, suggestions, or want to get a taste of that sweet home brew for yourself? Reid would love a beer from you–I mean, to hear from you. Send him a message through either of the following social media sites:

Instagram: chosenfewbrew

Twitter: chosenfewbrew

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Intro music by Sonny Lombardozzi

Outro music by Tom Morrison