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Hauntingly Beautiful

Dec 10, 2018

Pull up a bar stool and cozy up with an Irish Coffee for Hauntingly Beautiful Episode 17 where I talk to my two favorite bartenders, Mr. Alex Beckman and my love Ms. Skyler Ferringer, about the best and the worst parts of being on the wrong side of the bar! Bartending is an art from the organization of our displays, to drink suggestions for your latest cravings; from the way we pour your beer or layer your mixed drink, all the way to the conversation we have with you about your annoying step-sister’s, uncle’s, cousin’s best friend! We’ll tell you all about the patrons that have made us
bite our tongues and all of those who keep making the job worthwhile!

Have a question about the craft or want to hear some more funny stories? Drop by Andy’s Pub or 1000 Beers to say hello or reach Alex or Skyler by one of the methods below!

Instagram: @beckledaddy

Instagram: @skyler_Who
Facebook: Skyler Ferringer

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